Bundle Database with Electron


Hello Community!

This is my first go at using electron, and I keep seeing references to using a database with electron (sqlite, leveldb, etc), but my question is this. How do you include the database with electron when you bundle it?

I want to use SQLite version X with my electron app, so that a user can download my app, and have the DB present when the user starts the application. How is this done?

If anyone has a code snippet of how to bundle the electron app with sqlite, that would be appreciated!



I’ve not used SQLite in any projects but have found NEDB as a good place to store data in JSON format. You can also use the browsers LocalStorage and IndexedDB.




Myself and another developer created a a database for larger datasets since NeDB has issues with large databases. You can search for TeDB on npm. We are actively devoting it so try it out. maybe create a storage driver for it and send a pull request to add it as a link on the README