Building electron with custom sysroot and softfp


Hi all

I have the task of building electron for an odd arm device so am in the need of using my own sysroot. It also has the added problem of not supporting hardfp so I using this sysroot and getting chromium content and electron to build with it is a must.

I see in the docs that I can pass a fair few variables to a build

But I’m wondering how I would pass a sysroot directory as it seems in a sysroot automatically gets downloaded, which I don’t want.

Can I pass the sysroot a --defines for gyp? and can I pass arm_float_abi=softfp to gyp defines also? Lastly will these be used to build chromium content too?

Thanks for any help you can give it would be much appreciated. Electron seems pretty awesome, just unfortunely the device I need to run it on is a bit naff.