Building Electron app under WINDOWS - it is a pain


Windows 7 x64,

  1. installed Node.js
  2. installed all of required npm’s
  3. test apps (from github) successfull runs via electron

but npm run build does not want to build it into EXE.
after hours of shamanic dances, at the end of all, “npm run build” was build application (hurra!), but it does not want to run, exiting out with many errors: …cannot find module “electron”… etc (see pic below)

In role as a simple application with Electron, test apps seems worked, but I still cant build up standalone application.

All guides , topics of this forum, give many advices, but may be I do not know some smart tricks or missed something whith electron/node.js installation ?
It seems for me, there are insufficient guides for installation electron under Windows…


In regard to guides I’m feeling your pain. But my app does now compile under winblows. I resorted to trying out electron-forge which puts everything together for you.


sounds good