Building custom Arch Linux packages for Atom, with extra APM packages/themes pre-installed: errors encountered



I have been creating custom Arch Linux packages for Atom, but with custom APM packages/themes pre-installed in it. I customize the APM packages that come bundled with these builds by editing the package.json file of Atom (i.e., the one in its top-level directory). For most packages/themes this can be done without any drama, but I have noticed that some packages/themes generate errors along the lines of:

Running "compile-packages-slug" task
>> <PACKAGE>: No README data
Warning: Task "compile-packages-slug" failed. Use --force to continue.

Aborted due to warnings.

where <PACKAGE> is of course replaced by the name of the package/theme that is giving this error. An example package that I have noticed this error with is Skandasoft’s browser-plus package and as you can see if you go to the repo linked earlier browser-plus has a README that looks perfectly adequate to me, at least. Does anyone know how I might fix this error? I have tried adding a readme: field with the first few lines of the README in browser-plus’ package.json, using the sed command, but this failed to fix this error.

Additionally I have noticed that attempting to add the Linter package gives me an error I reported in issue 1163 of its repo.

Thanks for your time,


I have a solution to my README data issue. I merely sed the package.json of the package and add the line:

 "readme": "./"

although if anyone has any pointers on creating builds of Atom with custom pre-installed packages I’ll be happy to hear them.