Building atom yourself


I have download and installed atom on my computer, and recently I wanted to do some work on the atom source code. So I cloned the repository from github and built the source code but when running the resulting executable it seems to open the same atom I have installed on my computer(same theme and packages). So my question is, is it the same version or does it automatically use the same theme and plugins? I want to experiment with the source code but I don’t want to break my currently installed version of atom.

Am I doing something wrong? Or do you recommend running my edited version in a virtual machine?


All of Atom’s settings are stored in the .atom folder in your user directory and are loaded regardless of what executable you use to launch it. If you want to experiment with the core set of packages only, you can run Atom from the command line with atom --safe.


Try running atom --version from the terminal or opening the About window to see the version running.


I have and it is indeed different. So it is normal that it uses the same packages etc?


That is intended. It’s not necessarily optimal for all developer setups, but if you’re building Atom yourself, you can also change that directory.


Oke thank you very much!