Building Atom with different packages



I’d like to build Atom to distribute for our users with some plugins for our environment. I considered distributing a pre-made .atom directory, but decided it wasn’t sufficient for my purposes (specifically with distributing the directory). I found a couple old threads about this (here and here). I managed to modify the devDependencies in package.json and include them in snaptshot generation. But with the new snapshot, several plugins just can’t be snapshot yet and we do not have the time or ability to create pull requests for all the affected node packages and Atom plugins. Is it possible to include plugins and their dependencies without necessarily snapshot-ing them during build?

Thanks in advance for any input


You could use a single package to synchronize the package lists. In the case of that one, you would only have to distribute one CSON file along with the Atom installer.


For anyone looking here in the future, the simple and somewhat plainly obvious solution would be to place whatever packages you want installed in dot-atom, which is the default profile that gets copied to ~/.atom or wherever.