Building atom with chromium and HiDPI support



I would really like to use atom on my linux with an HiDPI screen. The user interface is fine, but I can not see the menus (that’s a chromium bug which is fixed already in the latest versions and in chrome).

I assume that it might be difficult to build my custom atom based on more recent versions of chromium (I found this thread, and I will have a look if this might help: Using Atom with Chromium Canary).

It would be just fine if I could pass some options to chromium, such as --force-device-scaling-factor, this way I can turn HiDPI off for atom, increase the font size and that would be fine.

It is not easy to work with a new editor without being able to read the menus.

Thank you and regards


In the meantime until native or out of the box working hidpi-support (or UI-scaling) is in Atom, this package works reasonable well on my Thinkpad Yoga (12,5" with 1920x1080, which is 176ppi, so kinda hidpi but not quite):


Thanks, but this package does not work for me: The menus are still unusable.
I have the problem described in this screenshot ( ), explained in this bug:


You can track the progress of Atom being updated to the latest version of Electron and Chromium here:


Yes, I am using currently this branch, it works fine for me, the menus are visible. Just double sized, but at least usable.

So there is no way to pass chromium options to atom?


There is, I’ve just never needed it … so I don’t remember what it is off the top of my head. You can search the Issues in atom/atom for examples.