Building atom to linux and installed it, still not working


Hi, have used all same instructions You have to install it on Linux, ubuntu, everything went well but

now I got error when starting atom

anti@antikas:~ atom anti@antikas:~ /usr/local/bin/atom: line 94: 10712 Bus error (core dumped) nohup “ATOM_PATH" --executed-from="(pwd)” --pid=$$ “$@” > “$DOT_ATOM_DIR/nohup.out” 2>&1

any ideas?


Sounds like it may be the segmentation fault reported on the repo here and a bit earlier here.


@atnospeat, what Ubuntu release, 14.04? 32 or 64bit? Are you running systemwide install of node or via nvm?

I have compiled on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit using node from this repo:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
sudo apt-get update

Have had no issues what so ever under Ubuntu.


Checked it gives me same version as , but I am using 32bit 14.04