Building Atom for 32-bit ARM


Hi! Total newb here, trying to install Atom in order to use the Learn IDE. I’m struggling as I’m working on an ASUS C201 Chromebook (using Linux through crouton), and the processor is a Rockchip RK3288 - 32-bit ARM architecture. Obviously Atom doesn’t have official 32-bit Linux support, and the only 3rd-party package I found for 32-bit Linux ( doesn’t support ARM architecture.

The general advice given for 32-bit Linux seems to be to compile it from code, but when I do so it throws this error at the packaging/installation stage:

Running electron-packager on ~/atom/out/app with app name “atom”
Error: Unsupported arch arm; must be one of: ia32, x64
at packager (~/atom/script/node_modules/electron-packager/index.js:193:40)
at Promise (~/atom/script/lib/package-application.js:138:5)
at new Promise (:null:null)
at runPackager (~/atom/script/lib/package-application.js:137:10)
at module.exports (~/atom/script/lib/package-application.js:17:10)

While the error itself seems pretty self-evident, I am too new to this to work out if there is a way to tweak the packager code to make it ignore that the architecture is unsupported, or if doing so would even create a stable and useable output.

Is there a way around this? Has anyone had success building Atom for a similar system? Any suggestions for fixes/things I could try gratefully received.