Building a VST instrument with Electron?


Hi everyone,

I am researching options on building a VST for my synthesizer Viktor NV-1.
It’s built on top of the Web Audio API for which I need to embed a browser into the VSTi.

I was looking into the Chromium Embedded Framework, when I remembered about the Electron project and I decided to post a topic, here.

Do you think this is doable? Has anyone done such a thing before? Is Electron a better fit/starting-point for this?



Hi, this should be feasible as far as you are able to port Chromium and Node.js to the VSTi platform if not already supported by Chromium and Node.js.

Electron is based on these 2 technologies. So to get Electron to run on the VSTi, you need Chromium and Node.js to run on your VSTi platform.


Also note that you probably won’t be able the Web Audio APIs like you’ve probably been doing for your current experiments…