Building a Custom Pane with React.js


I’ve been working on a React.js based application and It’s recently come to my attention that Atom is the perfect place for it.

I’d like to transition my code into an Atom package but I’m finding it difficult to find the right documentation.

I’d like to:

  • Use React.js to build a new type of Pane from scratch
    • I’m assuming a Pane is an area where custom ui elements can be placed (like the text editor?)
  • I’d like to be able to re-use components Atom provides
    • Autocompletion
    • Project settings
    • File system access

Does any one have experience with this? Or know of some nice reading material?



Are you aware that everyone must use the same version of react in an app and Atom is basically one large app? It’s pretty much a killer limitation for packages.

P.S. Check out VueJS as an alternative. FWIW I am in the middle of an app with Vue and I love it.