Build System Package Help



I am trying to make a build package for Atom that is identical to Sublime Text 2’s Build System. When ‘ctrl + b’ is pressed I want a simple View to pop up in the bottom with the output. The package should build based on the scope of the language and should be able to add more commands. I know other packages such as Script exists but I am not fan of the UI I just want a very simple window to pop up with the output and terminate on ‘esc’. I have no experience in coffeescript. I tried to read the flight manual but my lack of any experience in coffeescript makes it difficult to understand. Can someone help me out in how I should approach this or begin?


Have you taken a look at the build package?


Yes I have tried that package but I did not like the ui I would like a very simple view like sublime that just outputs the results. I have tried almost all of the packages for building. If I someone could tell me how to change the ui, then I would love to use build package