Build package: cannot find any command


I’m trying to use the build package to run an external command, but Atom cannot find anything even if it’s in the system path. It can find only basic commands like echo, ls, which… but not other commands.

Here’s my .atom-build.yml:

cmd: "which"
name: "default target"
  - -a
  - echo
sh: true

If I replace echo with pandoc or whatever, I get the error:

which: no pandoc in (/home/fede/.var/app/io.atom.Atom/data/python/bin:/app/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin)

Of course pandoc is installed and in the PATH:

$ /bin/sh -c 'which -a pandoc'


I forgot to say that I was using a version installed from
I’ve now read that flatpak applications are sandboxed and cannot run external commands, as mentioned here

I’ve now seen that Atom has linux repositories for Fedora. I’ll install from there.