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I am the author of the moderately popular build package. Me and @austinbirch have recently done some work on the ability to have multiple build targets specified at the same time. We’re quite pleased with the outcome. Features include:

  • Have multiple specifications on how to build your project in a custom file (eg dev, production or watch targets).
  • Automatically parse Gruntfile.js, gulpfile.js and soon also Makefile to find and list targets.
  • Select the currently active target via a list, then build that target with each subsequent press of cmd-alt-b/ctrl-alt-b.

We’re almost finished, but we really could use some help testing it. Especially if you’re already a user of the package (however, new people are equally welcome).

This should get you up and running:

git clone -b dev/build-targets
apm install
apm link

and restart Atom.

Still working on the documentation, so here’s a short to get you started:

  • To list all available targets, press ctrl-alt-t (Windows/Linux) or cmd-alt-t (OS X).
  • Build the active target as usual with ctrl-alt-b/cmd-alt-b.
  • Targets from Gulp and Grunt are automatically extracted. For other build systems you should specify a custom build file which defines targets like this:
  "name": "The default build",
  "cmd": "echo default",
  "targets": {
    "Some customized build": {
      "cmd": "echo customized"
    "Another customized build": {
      "cmd": "echo",
      "args": [ "Hello", ",", "World!"],
      "sh": false

Any available option in the build file today can go in a specified target (except the targets key itself).

Thanks a lot!

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