Build AND run Pascal scripts



I want to run Pascal scripts directly in Atom. So I installed the script package which seems to work pretty well.
However (at least with Pascal) it only builds the script, not runs it. So I can’t get the actual output of the script (I need to go in the terminal and open the built Pascal file, for example if my script is hello.pas, I put hello in the terminal). So I suspect the script package to only execute the fpc hello.pas command, not the second one (hello) to actually run the program.

Anyone knows how to do this ?

Thanks !


I don’t know anything about fpc, but build-fpc let’s you add custom parameters – if that helps.


Thanks for the reply ! Sadly I tried by using build-fpc and it seems to do the exact same job as script (it builds the script but won’t run it to show the output directly in Atom).
Anyone here faced this issue ?