Bugged Tree-View



So I haven’t used atom in like a month or so and today as I started it again to use it for some ionic dev, I encountered something weird: The padding of the tree-view on the left is all wrong.

Here I uploaded a screenshot from how it looks right now, including the style.less file (in which I haven’t really worked around too much… basically not at all)

Maybe you guys know a possible fix for this? I have quite a lot of packages installed and have my style all set up, so reinstalling would be quite the hassle. Generally I haven’t done anything since the last time except for updating a few packages (which are code related, not atom related).

Thank you in advance for your support!


Does the issue reproduce in safe mode? If not, it’s a community package you’ve installed that is causing it.

To check, open Atom using the terminal command atom --safe


So I ran it using atom --safe and the padding seems normal there. Does this mean I have to uninstall all community packages and test out which one is the black sheep…


Not uninstall necessarily, but disable ones you think might be the problem. If you do it in groups, you should narrow it down quickly enough.

It could also be the theme you are using, so check that too.


I disabled the community packages and themes, and I found out that it was the seti-ui theme that was causing the trouble (the custom icons option to be precise). Too bad, I kinda liked the custom fonts. But thanks for the help! @Aerijo


Yup, looks like an issue has already been raised