Bug : Uncaught Invariant Violation: RelayModernGraphQLTag


Hello everyone, today I tried for the first time to push using atom Beta and it showed me an error when I tried to push using only the editor . I would like to know what may caused and what can I do to fix it or at least understand what is going on with this error. I’m going to attach a screenshot of my case.


Is it only happening with the beta version?


yes because before I only used git to push and pull, I wanted to try this new feature with atom beta and I couldn’t do it :confused:


The stable version of Atom is perfectly capable of pushing and pulling. That hasn’t been a new feature for some months.


Hi! I use a release version of Atom (1.24.1 x64) and today all of my team is having the same issue when we tried to fetch to a private github repository. What can I do?


Did it just start happening today?