Bug (or I broke it)



I’ve been using Atom on Ubunto 14.0.4 for a few days. I’ve been opening directories via atom [dir] just fine.

Now, today when I try to do the same, I get this error:

Error: EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, read
    at Error (native)
    at Object.fs.readSync (fs.js:596:19)
    at Object.fs.readFileSync (fs.js:428:28)
    at Object.fs.readFileSync (ATOM_SHELL_ASAR.js:369:29)
    at File.module.exports.File.readSync (/opt/atom/resources/app.asar/node_modules/pathwatcher/lib/file.js:248:36)
    at TextBuffer.module.exports.TextBuffer.updateCachedDiskContentsSync (/opt/atom/resources/app.asar/node_modules/text-buffer/lib/text-buffer.js:1008:85)
    at TextBuffer.module.exports.TextBuffer.loadSync (/opt/atom/resources/app.asar/node_modules/text-buffer/lib/text-buffer.js:1030:12)
    at Project.module.exports.Project.buildBufferSync (/opt/atom/resources/app.asar/src/project.js:431:14)
    at Project.module.exports.Project.bufferForPathSync (/opt/atom/resources/app.asar/src/project.js:407:61)
    at TokenizedBuffer.module.exports.TokenizedBuffer.deserializeParams (/opt/atom/resources/app.asar/src/tokenized-buffer.js:82:36)index.js:62 handleSetupError

I can’t think of anything that has changed. Did I break it?


What command is it exactly that you’re running? If you’re running just atom at the command line and your last project was in a directory that you deleted or moved, that might be the explanation for it.


Apologies for the formatting error in the original post. Your suggested cause is possible.

How can I clear atom’s history (what config file is it in?)

To clarify here is the current behavior:

Partially loaded UI with error from above post

atom mydir
atom . // in mydir

Full UI except no doctree (not visible , cannot be toggled)

atom file.txt


You can delete or rename the ~/.atom/storage directory to clear the “history”.


I just had this problem. Do you by any chance have the project-manager package install? I think it might be related to this package trying to watch a file which isn’t there anymore. Anyway, by running atom twice I was able to get it started. I then saved my project in project-manager again, and now atom appears to start up correctly each time.