"Bug" not yet ironed out in beta version


I decided to try the beta version 1.26 on Windows 10, but I noticed the same bug as in 1.25 is stil there, as I got greeted by this:

Looks like there is some more work to be done.


This isn’t a bug. That dialog box pops up whenever a window is bogged down with its own work and stops responding to the operating system. If you click on Keep Waiting, Windows will wait a little while longer for the window to respond.


Whether it is a bug or not, it is very annoying.
However, in the latest “stable” version (1.25.1), you sometimes had to click on “Keep waiting” God knows how many times to finally get it working, while in the beta one click seems to suffice to get the program up and running.

Thank you for the reply.


I’ve generally only had to click it once when it appears. The time your Atom takes to load will be influenced by a variety of factors, including the power of your computer and the amount of stuff that Atom is trying to turn on. If you think that it’s taking an inordinate amount of time, you may have some packages installed that are taking a while. You can get an idea of which ones are taking the longest using the built-in timecop package (Packages -> Timecop -> Show).


Yes, I did have a look there (thank you for the advice, I am quite new to Atom), and I found quite a bit of stuff that needed some time to load, even things I did not install, probably installed by Atom as standard.
Thanks again.