Bug in markup language (HTML,...) auto indentation



First, thank you for making this very cool editor!

I’m frequently using Lines > Auto Indent to beautify HTML code.
It seems like there is a problem when multiple tags are closed in the same line, if they were not all opened in the same line.
E.g. (not my code! other people or tools write like that):

This is a table cell

The last line () should have the same indentation as the first.
Because of the bug it will be indented in.

By the way, code beautification is very important.
Could you possibly move it directly under “Edit”?

– Nir


Oops, my markup code was deleted.
I don’t know how to post pre-formatted code here, so in your mind, just replace [ ] with < >…

[div]This is a table cell[div][/td][/tr]


Discourse allows markdown, BBCode, and HTML. There’s more info here. The </> button above the editor will also insert code tags.


Heads up: you’re missing the closing slash in your </div>. I can reproduce this issue with that fixed - would you mind reporting this to the language-html repository?


Will do. Thanks!


I opened an issue:


I used to frequently use lines auto-indent until I found this package:

It allows you to beautify the code with one command instead of having to highlight the text and then go to edit->lines->auto-indent. if you really like the auto-indent that is built in here is a cool article that talks about using the defualt auto indent tool.

This article discusses how to create a keybinding to the defualt auto-indent feature that is built into atom.


Thank you!