Bug in beta version


Undo and Redo mess up, especially when I use them quickly and then the cursor positions for some reason get really fu*ed up, such that the lines are INCORRECT. As if he just skipped some undos and so the lines aren’t corresponding anymore and the stacking mechanism itself fails.

Packages installed: my own (minify-j-s) and lipsum. That’s it.

Now, it really destroyed some work I had to do and it’s really annoying and I know it’s beta and all but I just wanted to report this so that it can be fixed as soon as possible. I believed it’s just a part of the laggy behaviour I get from time to time with atom ( I actually hoped moving it to 64 bit would work well but it didn’t help, just consumed more memory than before, though once again - still in beta).

I jus thope things will turn for the better with the overall performace, it once took my atom 10 seconds (and I have a picture of it on my phone, sayin’ 10,000 ms load time.
Yeah I had a few packages but that’s a common scenario, and they were popular.

Just hopes these issues will get fixed some day.


By “beta”, you mean 1.14.0-beta0, correct? Can you describe the steps to replicate this bug?


I can’t exactly point out WHEN it will happen, all I know is that most of the time it happens when I hold Ctrl + Z for a while, to make lots of undos, and then hold Ctrl + Shift + Z to redo them and the cursor position messes up such that I get a version that has never been there. Note that it seems to be the case only in actual code where the coloring and intellisense come into play, lagging the editor.


Try pressing CTRL + Y instead of CTRL + SHIFT + Z and tell us what happens.


kinda hard to replicate it, cause it seems I need to work on something so that it’ll have a longer history.
Is there really any difference between the shortcut keys?