BUG: Find in Project does not load additional results while collapsing


When a Find in Project returns too many files, it loads new results as the user scrolls down.

If when you get the results you start collapsing the files, it does not load additional results, even though you have enough space (see attached screenshot):


I have version 0.135.0 on the Windows platform and this function seems to be working perfectly for me.
Perhaps there is something specific about your setup that needs to be looked at? Any further details you could share?


Have you followed the suggestions in the Debugging document? Also, could you give the following information?

  • Which version of Atom are you using?
  • What OS and version are you running?
  • Can you reproduce the issue after completely exiting Atom and restarting using atom --safe?


Thanks for the instructions. I’m using Atom 0.135.0 installed through choco install atom. I’m running on Windows 8.1.

$ apm --version

apm 0.98.0
npm 1.4.4
node 0.10.32
python 2.7.8
git 1.9.0.msysgit.0
visual studio 2013

The issue is still reproducible if running `atom --safe`. Steps to reproduce:

1. search for something with results in many files
2. do not scroll down
3. collapse all visible files


I guess I should have searched before I went to all this trouble, but there is already a bug open on this:

Confirmed in Atom v0.136.0-d7efa9b on OS X v10.9.5 …

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Clone the atom/atom repository if you don’t already have it
  2. Open the Atom project in Atom
  3. Press Cmd+Shift+F to launch Project Find
  4. Type editor into the “Find in project” field
  5. Press ENTER to start the search
  6. Observe 4381 results found in 114 files
  7. Collapse the following file results:
    • README.md
    • atom.sh
    • package.json
    • benchmark/benchmark-helper.coffee
    • benchmark/benchmark-suite.coffee

Expected: New file results to appear
Actual: Only the above six file results are shown


  1. Expand benchmark/benchmark-suite.coffee
  2. Scroll down
  3. Observe that new file results appear, starting with docs/README.md