Bug: Cannot enter desired value into Scroll Sensitivity


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to settings,
  2. Click inside Scroll Sensitivity edit box
  3. Clear contents, i.e. make sure it shows ‘Default: 40’
  4. Try to type 160 slowly

Value 160 entered

Value 200 is accepted

After typing the first digit ‘1’, the value is corrected to 10 (assuming it is the minimum value) after a small timeout. The following two digits 6 and 0 are appended to 10, making the entire value 1060, which gets corrected to 200 (assuming it is the max value).


When you type “1” and delete the auto-added “0”, Atom also lets you click away from the field with the sensitivity still set at 1. This also seems sub-optimal.


I’m pretty sure there is an Issue already open for the behavior @DamnedScholar mentions.

Regarding the original description, it sounds like it is possible to enter the desired value … but there are complications if you do it too slowly?


There are complications if you type at medium to slow speeds. Fast typing works as expected.