[BUG] Atom crash after close fullscreen window on Mac

  1. Open Atom.
  2. Switch to fullscreen mode.
  3. Close the window (Cmd + Shift + W)
  4. Then, Atom crash…

Atom 1.2.0
Mac OSX 10.11.1


I can’t reproduce this bug using either the latest alpha (master) or beta versions. You may want to update to the beta channel to get the fix now.


Thank you for your quick response.
I’ll try to update to the beta channel.


Same issue in Atom 1.2.0 and in Atom Beta 1.3.0.
Mac OSX 10.11.1.

  1. Open Atom.
  2. Switch to fullscreen mode.
  3. Open second Atom file. A second(?!) window opens in fullscreen.
  4. Try to close one window. Atom crash…


I can’t reproduce your issue using Atom v1.3.0-beta0 on Mac OS X 10.11.1. Here’s exactly what I did:

  1. Open Atom Beta in my current project
  2. Already in full screen mode from the last test above
  3. Opened two files by double-clicking them in the tree-view (no additional windows open)
  4. Closed the window using Shift+Cmd+W

Expected and Actual: The window closed with no crash whatsoever, Atom Beta is still running


Sorry, I forgot an important info. I opened the files with a FTP program :grin: I tried it with Transmit and Cyberduck.

  1. Open Transmit or Cyberduck
  2. Select Atom 1.2.0 to open the file
  3. Atom starts and opens the file
  4. Go to fullscreen mode
  5. Close the Window (It doesn’t matter how)
  6. Atom crash :disappointed_relieved:

I use now Atom 1.1.0 again and it works just fine.


I don’t have Transmit or Cyberduck nor do I have access to an FTP server to duplicate the issue. I assume that Transmit or Cyberduck creates some sort of temporary file that Atom reads?


That’s right.


Can you be more specific as to what these applications do? Where do they put the file? Does the file go away after Atom opens? etc


I have the exact same issue. Happens on both stable and beta channels.

  1. open Atom (an empty or existing project)
  2. make full screen
  3. cmd+shift+w (close window) - Atom crashes

Mac OSX 10.11.1… this started happening after i upgraded to 1.2… it’s a real nuisance.

does Atom have some debug output i could send? would it help to send the stack trace from the crash dialog?


i get the same issue using atom --safe


Yes, if you have a reproducible instance (because I have never been able to reproduce this) then this could be very helpful. Please open an Issue on https://github.com/atom/atom.


I’m getting this on Atom 1.2.2. I added my stack trace to this issue.


That one has been closed as a duplicate of this Issue:

Please subscribe to atom/atom#9584 for updates.


I just built atom for the first time, and the built version (1.4.0-dev) exhibits the crash, too. (At least on my machine; seems like it’s common but not universal.)

I’d like to debug this, but I don’t see any guide on how to debug atom(/electron) native code – I don’t even know where to find symbols from the build output.

Any pointers here would be most welcome.


Here’s the debug the main process documentation for Electron. (I think v0.34.x is the version that is in the master branch of Atom currently.)


Sorry, just realized you wanted to debug the native code … that I’m still looking for …

There’s this information on obtaining the symbols from the symbol server …



That’s definitely closer, thanks – although that looks to be Windows specific?

I’d love to find/generate standard DWARF (.dSYM) files; from there, it’s pretty easy to proceed. (Or maybe breakpad is the thing? I’ve never used that before.)


It does look to be Windows specific, yes. But it is what I could find :blush:

You may want to ask in the #electron Slack channel too.


I’ll just use this as a running log in case anyone else ventures this way.

Looks like atom’s master is currently tied to electron v0.34.3 And electron releases come with their own downloadable symbols. Here: https://github.com/atom/electron/releases/tag/v0.34.3

The catch is that the provided darwin-*-symbols.zip files seem to only contain breakpad symbol files, not dwarf dSYMs. That’s a bit disappointing given that electron’s script/create-dist.py can pretty clearly generate dSYMs and seems to also have the tools to ensure they wind up in their own darwin-*-dsym.zip files in distribution — but that file doesn’t seem to be available for download.

Maybe the publish process for electron distributions can be improved a little here to include the dsym files?

Meanwhile, I’m attempting to build electron directly, but this is proving problematic: the script/bootstrap.py -v process is timing out when trying to download libchromiumcontent-static.zip from some AWS S3 bucket.



This atom/electron repo issue (1) indicates that not uploading dSYMs for releases is a known issue, and (2) shares a way to get everything symbolized. Huzzah: https://github.com/atom/electron/issues/3502