BrowserWindow direct-write not working on Windows 7


New to Electron and I have been scratching my head a bit on this one.

I am building a release for a Windows 7 ia32 environment from OSX and it seems as though my direct-write flag for the BrowserWindow options isn’t activating. There is no difference between the option set as true or false. I am attaching my BrowserWindow instantiation options.

  mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
    width: 1080,
    height: 1920,
    preload: true,
    kiosk: true,
    fullscreen: true,
    'auto-hide-menu-bar': true,
    'web-preferences':{ javascript: true,
                        images: true,
                        'direct-write': true,
                        'experimental-features': true,
                        'subpixel-font-scaling': true}

On the same system my Chrome browser enables the direct-write flag perfectly. I would expect Electron to emulate the same quality as however there is no difference with direct-write being set true or false. Maybe I’m missing something

I’d love any suggestions or insights anyone might have about how to rectify this.