Browser-style webpage rendering


Please correct me asap if I missed it, but Atom doesn’t have the feature to render a webpage like a standard browser? If it does, it is terribly difficult to find (preview/render/webpage/website/html/atom searches turn up nothing on the web, forum or in the program).

Maybe my imagination morphed my memory but I seemed to distinctly remember being able to render web pages (.html files or a web address) in a pane in Atom. However, it seems the only closest thing is the built-in Preview Markdown, and possibly RunCodeRun. I would very much like to be able to have the option to render a webpage in a pane, whether to have side-by-side reference, or to preview front-end stuff I’m working on.

Seeing as how Atom is basically already a html rendering, I would imagine it should just be a button somewhere that tells it whether to apply Atom’s stylesheets and rendering logic or let the base browser launch the file?


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