Broken Travis tests when Oniguruma have to be installed


I post it here, even if it should be better to fill an issue, but maybe someone already had this issue before and have a solution to that problem.

Quick Recap:

I started writing tests for my color highlight package (a bit late, I confess), in order to do some optimizations when working with large files containing dozens of colors and variables (actually the whole buffer is parsed each time it changes and all markers are recreated, which is clearly suboptimal).

I don’t have any issues running the tests within Atom, but the tests fails systematically on travis as oniguruma installs fail (a recurrent problem that even occurs on package update). You can see the failure here, the make task in the node-gyp rebuild command fails leading the tests to timeout (probably due to the lack of binding in the node module).

I does not have this problem when oniguruma is installed on a node travis config as you can see here so it seems like a problem with the atom travis config.

Now a bunch of questions:

Is there anything I can do to fix that in my config?
If I were to file a bug for that, where do I report it? node-oniguruma? elsewhere?
Do you think this problem can be linked in some way with the install failures reported from time to time (like this one)?

@ProbablyCorey, @kevinsawicki, @nathansobo: Tell me guys if you want me to create an issue for this, or if you have things to make me tests about it.


Looks like oniguruma 2.1 was published incorrectly since it isn’t compatible with the latest Atom release.

I’ve unpublished it, want to try building again?


@kevinsawicki GREAT! IT WORKS! :slight_smile:

In fact I found that I didn’t needed to have oniguruma as a dependency in the atom package as it’s now the pigments node module that manages the color regexes, and its install didn’t fail. But, it’s somehow fortunate that my mistake allowed to find that bug :slight_smile: