Broken auto update in standalone mode


I downloaded Atom as zip file on Windows 7 x64, because I prefer to put tools like that in one place. But in this case the auto update doesn’t work, I’m still at 1.12.3 and clicking button “Check now” shows “No update available”

Either it’s not working because it’s bug, and then my post is a bug report.

Or it’s not possible to do auto update in standalone mode - then in the About page it shouldn’t say “Atom is up to date”, there shouldn’t be button check now, or checkbox “Automatically download updates”. Instead we should see link to atom releases pages, with info on how to manually update Atom.


You’re correct, the zip version doesn’t auto-update. It is true that the About page could do a better job of detecting that condition. Would you mind filing a bug on and posting a link to the Issue here on this topic?