Broadcast your atom tab to the web for viewers


Would be really nice to be able to create ascii casts like with such that you can stream/record a coding session so that others can replay it later or view it in realtime while maintaining text quality and selection/copy abilities.

Two use cases for this:

  1. Pre-recorded then published coding tutorials
  2. Live streaming coding sessions to viewers ( is huge for gaming, but they only need to stream moving images, not selectable text)

Seems there is atom-pair which is close, but not quite the same.


I wasn’t sure what the big problem is, why you wouldn’t use twitch for example, until you mention you want text to be selectable by the recipient/viewer of the stream.

Neat idea.
But presumably you would want the entire Atom app to be streamed (including different panes, perhaps the tree view etc, and not just the active pane’s text content, right?

I imagine that would be very difficult to do, since we’re talking full dynamic HTML content here. But maybe somebody has done something similar for the Chrome browser? If so, that would be a good place to start.