Bring the 80s back with Ubik-Neon retrofuturist theme!


Hi there, just wanted to share with you my fresh new atom theme.

Ubik-Neon is a dark background with bright neon-like colors inspired by the 80s retrofuturist/cyberpunkesque aesthetics. It has great code readability and sports support for specific language extra customization.


You can check it out by installing it via apm or the editor built in function by searching for ubik-neon-syntax

Github Repo


Dude! This is awesome! :slight_smile:

Feature Request: Could you give some love to Ruby? Otherwise, I’ll have to wait until I’ve dug through the Atom Manual.


The syntax already works for every language. If you want extra customization on top of the default one, it’s pretty easy, you just have to use the element inspector (ctr+shift+i) to see how an element is defined and then style it accordingly. The default code (or the python specific one) inside the repo should offer a good enough blueprint. If you want to try this I recommend you fork my repo and work on the changes using atom atom --dev so as to see the changes as they happen.