Breakpoints and debugger statements not working in inspector


Setting break points in any of the javascript files in my plugin no longer works.

Previously (about a month ago not sure which version) I was able to stop js execution at any point by putting a debugger; statement in the code or setting a breakpoint on a certain line in the sources tab of the dev tools.

Now when doing this I can see that the code where my break point should stop is executing via console.log statements but the dev tools does not take control or allow me to step.

This is very frustrating to develop with. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there something that could have changed from my end?


This is working for me, and it is a really nice debugging capability.

For example, with the setup below (‘main atom’ on left and ‘atom with package’ on right)

If I add the debugger command to a file on my ‘atom with package’ (on the example below, on line 15)

Next time I reload the ‘main atom’ …

… and activate the package under dev, I get a breakpoint on the ‘main atom’

…with full access to the current method’s stack

which is really powerful


@alexcorre Did you ever find a solution? I’m having the same problem with v0.201.


@bobrocke at some point with later atom version it began working again. I wish i knew what the change was :).