Breadcrumbs in JSON editor


Is there possible in JSON file editor to show on top breadcrumbs (as in Webstorm)?


I don’t think it would be too hard to make a package for that. I haven’t used Webstorm. Can you give screenshots and describe what you liked about the feature?

(Not promising to implement it. But more information will help anyone that wants to.)



Similar feature:


I like the breadcrumb control in that package … much nicer than the Webstorm one, in my opinion.


The webstorm one can look a bit better with colour:

Another one that is for the file location instead of the code/scope is pretty neat:

Perhaps someone could use the linked package above and extract a breadcrumbs package as a base for new packages to cater to these features :smile:


Was reminded of this thread while watching this BrowserSync feature screencast, it shows that html coloured tag highlighting on the dark theme which looks far more visually useful, I didn’t notice the vertical rainbow line on the side that provides hinting as well. Super minor feature but still neat :slight_smile: Has anyone released a similar package since or one for the breadcrumb file location?