Brand new user, some feedback/questions



I started using atom a couple of days ago. I am running version 1.12.6 on windows 7. Here are some first impressions:

  • syntax coloring for java appears to be broken for some floating point constants. If I write ‘.1f’, it gets marked with a bright red background. If I change it to ‘0.1f’ the mark disappears. I checked out the language-java package, and started editing it to see where the problem is, and the problem seems to be with the variable grammar.

  • the menu bar stays white/gray, even when a dark UI theme is active. I understand that I can toggle menu bar visibility, but I would expect to be able to just have the menu bar coloring follow the UI theme

  • when I hit CTRL-F, it takes about 2 seconds before the search pane appears.

These may seem like minor issues, but they are causing friction on a regular basis.



Regarding 1: thanks for the report. Can you please create an issue on the language-java repo? I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.
2: See
3: Does the delay occur every time or just the first instance?


Thanks for the quick reply.

  1. opened an issue here:
  2. the link provided seems to talk about title bars. I am referring to the menu bar (File Edit …). Please see attached image
  3. I can’t get this to repro anymore. The only change I have made to the settings today is to disable some autocomplete stuff. So, uh, I guess never mind?


I don’t know anything about theming, so I’ll hand this off to @simurai.

As for the find-and-replace delay, you may notice a delay the first time you invoke Ctrl+F after starting Atom. This is because find-and-replace doesn’t activate until you use one of its commands in order to speed up Atom’s start time.


@simurai, do you have any input on menu bar theming?


Unfortunately it’s currently not possible to style the menu bar since that is a native component provided by the operating system. It would be possible if the menu bar would get re-created inside Atom, but I haven’t heard of any plans to do that.


@simurai is correct, there are no plans to reimplement the menu bar using HTML/CSS in Atom.