Brackets to Atom?

Okay, it’s been a few days since Abode said support would end on September 1, 2021. VSCode has already made tools for brackets transition to VSCode. What will atom do with people needing to move to another text editor like atom, VSCode spies on your code (Not Joking) so I think that Atom should me the “Privacy” version of a TextEditor.

Let’s not forget:

:white_check_mark: Visual Studio Code is tracking user behaviour (as you already know)
:white_check_mark: Brackets is tracking user behaviour (examples)
:white_check_mark: Atom is tracking user behaviour (examples)

In compliance with the GDPR or CCPA, it’s usually possible to opt out.

This is a bit of a warped/sensationalist statement. Yes, VSCode tracks many user actions, but it does not send your code anywhere. As with Atom or Brackets, network activity can be monitored (and blocked!) in the network tab of the built-in developer tools. However, some requests are made through external processes (thats how apm or the popular TabNine extension do it). So, of course, the most sustainable way to prevent tracking is to use a firewall or software such as Pi-hole.

In the case of VSCode, you can use alternatives such as VSCodium. As for Atom, you can disable (or remove) the built-in telemetry package to prevent first-party tracking, or install a package such as do-not-track to include the prevention of third-party tracking.