Brackets, tabs or space highlights


I really can’t understand why atom highlights every generic horizontal line of code with a vertical one:
Screenshot from 2017-10-26 20-13-05

I’d like to have a vertical line highlighting curly brackets; I reckon that atom is highlighting tabs and sets of four spaces, so I disabled the “show indent guide” option in the editor’s settings, but then it doesn’t highlight the brackets! I searched through the settings of the brackets-matcher package (after having searched for any specific package), but I haven’t found any useful option regarding this issue.


Some languages don’t have curly brackets. As a language-agnostic code editor, Atom tries to have features that are useful for as many languages as possible.

I feel like the existence of the indent-guide-improved package shows that indent guides are probably flexible enough to do what you want, but I don’t know how to accomplish it.

Aside: The indentation on your code is fairly inconsistent, which makes even that small snippet you posted hard to read. I feel like having an editor that reminds you of where each of the indent levels is could be beneficial to the readability of what you write. Don’t be too quick to dismiss it.