Brackets Like Quick Edit

Brackets editor from Adobe has a feature called Quick Edit which allows inline modification in the related pieces of code across various files without opening those files in a separate tab. This feature seems very handy and it will be nice to have in in Atom as well.


Following image explains it:


This is a great feature of brackets and I hope someone will add something similar to Atom

This would also be great for editing functions inline.

For example:

inline edit: -----------
function bark( input ) {
print(input + “woof!”);

That would be great.

Is the necessary metadata to link these things together already available to access or is there some code somewhere to generate it? Doing the package wouldn’t be too hard except for getting the links.

You could use ctags for the metadata I imagine.

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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I have a bad news for you all.

I have contacted Brandon (@Maushundb), suggesting to transfer to new inheritors or remove, so he abandoned it since he joined Facebook. He chose to remove Quick-Edit.

This package is no longer available. If you depend on this package, please, use Brackets.

… perhaps someone forked / cloned the project?

I downloaded it before he removed.

If you are interested in solving the issues and updating the package, here is the zip:

Remember that you must invite new collaborators if by chance you do not have time. If you no longer want to update or solve the issues, you must transfer it to the new inheritors/heirs interested in updating and solving the issue.

Hopefully you are speaking in general terms to whomever read your message.
(…good luck for finding a candidate.)
(…thank you for making the notification.)

If the message was meant for me, you just asked…
a failing Driver’s Ed student to race at next Sunday’s Nascar race in Phoenix.

Hey folks,

Yeah finally took the package down after the last year of not being able to maintain it. Work at Facebook has kept me busy and makes open source contributions a little trickier for me. The repo is still upon over at if anyone would like to fork it and fix the outstanding issues. Would love for this to live on with a new maintainer if possible.


I suppose in the meantime, the best alternative is to just highlight your class/id selector and Cmd+Shift+F (Find in Project) to quickly find which file & where that selector’s styling is buried.

My current project has 45 different .scss files, so this at least makes it easy to find things.
It’s definitely not as cool as something like Quick Edit, but works well enough for me… for now.