Bracket Matching Not Working


I apologize up front. I am quite the newbie with Atom and website designing in general, but here goes.

Normally when I have say

Atom will underline the associated
. I find this tool to be very helpful in keeping me organized. However, something has changed and it no longer underlines. I haven’t made any changes or installed anything new. Best I can remember I don’t think I even quit the application between it working and not working. I have since restarted it. I even tried to uninsall and reinstall with no luck. If anyone has any suggestions of how to get this feature back I would be highly appreciative.



It appears to removed my brackets. Normally it will highlight the associated closing bracket, sorry I can’t type it apparently without it reading it as html.


Going to go ahead and close as a duplicate of this post:

See the referenced issue there and if you really need the HTML tag matching, you can temporarily disable Tree-sitter at Settings > Core > Enable Tree Sitter Parsers.