Bracket matching - cloudformation yaml files?


Bracket matching doesn’t appear to be working in .yaml files,
it works on new tabs/windows if I enter some arbitrary text with brackets , but when I open a .yaml file the bracket matching doesn’t seem to work, no highlighting or matching, ctrl-m etc.

Would .editorconfig be affecting bracket matching?

atom v1.19.4 x64 on mac el capitan 10.11.6
bracket-matcher plugin v0.87.3
linter-js-cloudformation-yaml 2.2.1
language-yaml-cloudformation 0.3.1



seems to follow the yaml or yml file type. If I save a file as .txt or .json, bracket matching is present and works.


Please give an example of a cloudformation file? Bracket Matcher doesn’t match brackets in strings (which most of YAML is).



save as .yml or .yaml … atom won’t match the brackets any more