Bracket Matcher

Hi Everyone, can someone please help me how can i match bracket like THIS i am so fond of using this style but can not setup in Atom Bracket Matcher … please help

I’m not sure whether it can be achieved with the default bracket-matcher package. The closest I was able to get is by adding the following to the Atom user style-sheet:

.bracket-matcher .region {
  background-color: pink;

Take note that you can import theme colors as described here.

Thanks for the reply but it doesn’t work … :roll_eyes:

Can you be more specific? Does it not work at all or does it work differently from what you expected?

Here’s what it looks like for me:

Have you tried using an alternative package?

Hi, thanks for your reply, i want bracket to be match like this … example below

Bracket Match

Read my previous post: this is likely not possible with the existing package. You would need to find another or write your own.