Bower Style package.json to import install packages across devices


I have grown to enjoy using Atom over the last few months and am slowly making the shift to use it as my primary editor.

Although to do so requires a lot of plugins to set it up to my liking. I have no problems doing that. However working across several computers setting each editor up can be tedious. Is there currently a way export installed packages and re import them on other machines ?

Feature Request: Something like apm package.json

There are a couple different ways, the easiest is to do:

  1. On the machine that has all of your desired packages installed, execute the command apm star --installed
  2. On the machine that you want to set up, execute the command apm stars --install

The first command marks all of your installed packages as “stars” or favorites. The second command installs all your favorite packages.


Just curious but how does the list of starred packages get to the new machine?


It is stored in your profile. You can log in to your profile through apm by executing apm login and supplying it your token from your account page:


More curiosity: Is there any other advantage to logging in with APM? I didn’t realize you could do that.


In order to publish packages, you have to be logged in.


That is great top marks to the development team and the speed of your reply.

Thanks again