Borderless Mode?


Is there any way to run Atom borderless without a 3rd party program?

When forced to run Windows, I find that the title bar ruins the entire look of the editor.


It is possible in atom-shell to specify a window be frameless by specifying frame: false when you create the window.

The issue in atom would be the lack of close/max/min buttons by default. I’d say this needed a bit of work to get it working properly but it should be completely possible


I see.
Lack of buttons wouldn’t really be a problem, there’s always keyboard shortcuts.


IMHO, I hate the new trend towards borderless windows, like the windows github client. It looks pretty when the window is on top, but if you have a messy pile of them you can’t identify single windows to click on. All the backgrounds bleed together on the edges.


I like it, though I would say that it being hard to distinguish the windows is a problem of the design, not it being borderless.


I don’t think I agree. When there are a lot of windows, I suspect that each of them just shows a couple of pixels. How can multiple windows be distinct in every pixel? That would lead to angry fruit salad, and we don’t want that.


I want this.


Is this still set to happen? I like that on OSX, it becomes frameless. I’m hoping Window 10 gets the same treatment!


From what I understand, people who want frameless windows don’t even want the title bar on the window … not just the lack of the menu bar. By that definition, the OS X version of Atom is not frameless … at least any more than any other Mac application. (On OS X, the menu bar for the active application is at the top of the screen … not the top of the application’s window like Windows.)