Bookmarks Plugin to switch between all the source lines

Hi to everyone,

I want to propose an idea. It would be convenient and very useful to provide a plugin that allows you to create bookmarks to mark lines so that you can return to them using a shortcut.
Suppose I am editing line 100 and line 1.500 at the same time: I bookmark line 100 to be able to consult it i.e. with the shortcut ALT+B, when I need it.

What do you think about?

One way is to use todo package.

Inset //TODO at line 100 and 1500 for example.

Hi d_I,

thanks for answer. It could be a solution if I didn’t have any other point bookmarked as “TODO” in my code. In this way if I search “TODO” with CTRL+F I will find all the “TODO” on source file and I’d lose focus on my task.

In TODO settings … you can add a list of alternatives to //TODO such as //MYTASK