Bookmark & FTP?


Hi, is there a bookmark feature or FTP client built into or as a add-on for Atom ?


There are multiple FTP-capable packages. I’m not sure what you’re looking for with “bookmark”.


atom-commander supports FTP and bookmarks. Bookmarks can be created for local files and folders as well as for those on an FTP server. When opening a bookmark on a server the connection will automatically be established.


Thanks I’ll give it a try.

Two more things, is there a live preview for local files as does Brackets and is there a way to select all code between a highlighted tag ?


There are a variety of preview packages and I’ve never heard of the latter, but it doesn’t seem all that hard to implement.


Hard to implement, how so ?


In your file, you could grab cursor.getScopeDescriptor() to check if the cursor is inside a tag. If so, you can use editor.getWordUnderCursor() to grab the word around the cursor and then editor.buffer.scanInRange() to find the next matching tag, break and return the position of the next one, and then editor.addSelectionForBufferRange() for everything in between.