Bombing in macOS 10.15 (Catalina) - Excessive Wakeups In Diagnostic - Bad Memory Suspected

Recently, I upgraded my Mac from Mojave to Catalina. This is the annual OS upgrade from Apple. This is a beta release of Catalina. I am having no issues on my system except running Atom.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about interpreting the bomb reports, which are at this link:

I am hoping there is something I can do to fix this problem. Otherwise, I might be forced to demand a refund of what I paid for Atom, including sales tax. :money_mouth_face: :star_struck: :astonished::cowboy_hat_face: (Obviously, that refund would be in the category of small, also category of zero since Atom, amazingly, is free, and I want to say, Atom is by far far far, the best IDE I have had an opportunity to use, regardless of price. I pity people who work in places where they have to use the famous IDEs that were here first. I am not going to mention any of those products by name that are a bummer compared to Atom, because if I did, I would have no choice about mentioning Visual Studio, Eclipse, ExCode, Adobeishness, NetBeaners, Aptana-tamana, PlayWithCode::Blocks, Canadian Bacon, etc… The people who put Atom together really know what they are doing. It is not just the features and how well they work. It is the whole way they put the system together PLUS the good choices they made in what the features are.)

But alas, even great technology fails us at times and this probably is my fault not Atom’s.

Here is what happens when it bombs on my system:

  1. I am running Atom as usual (lalala lala…going good, then BAM)
  2. Atom disappears from the screen, shutdown very very rapidly. It does this without sparking, produces no visual smoke, the only odd smells are the ones always here, and there also is no sound or pop. It is playing the ol’ disappear silently game.
  3. No warning.
  4. Nothing to see as it happens, it literally is one of the fastest operations I have seen any computer do. I wish I could shutdown my whole computer just as quickly and quietly.

There are some tracks left in diagnostic reports (your typical Mac computer will do that). I zipped three sets of them into a file. Each set consists of a bomb report from atom and another bomb report from atom_helper. The time stamps are not the same for the reports corresponding with an event. In other words, the computer makes one report, then the other, possibly a few seconds before the bomb becomes visible by making atom invisibile.I thought I could upload the file here, I guess I forgot how. The file is available at this url:

I will look into the reports and let you know if I can figure anything out.

Even though Atom is the only software on my computer having trouble with the new Mac OS, Catalina, bad memory (RAM) in my computer cannot be ruled out as the cause. I had a memory module that appeared dead about a week ago. After painstaking, detailed analysis conducted over several days, consisting largely of close examination of online pictures of memory searching for a replacement, but also included figuring out how the led warning lights map to the memory slots, and secretly assuring myself the problem most definitely could not have been caused by static electricity when I vacuumed the memory boards at about the time the problem appeared (a safe assumption based on the fact I did not spray the memory board with 409 or any other cleaner while the machine was powered on and during vacuuming). Once the research phase of the memory was complete, I transitioned to the physical domain with an extraordinarly complicated, immensely scientific procedure which my research had given me reason to believe there was a small but non-zero chance of revealing the true nature of the problem by taking this difficult but potentially helpful step. I have determined the best way to think of it as switching two memory modules with one another inside my computer, in the area where the guys in there do their work. The result was memory breathing with new life with no signs of ailment. I proved to me once again just how precious every life is. The memory module that theretofore had been simulating death and activating a bright red light on motherboard-like unit in the machine once again assumed its duties in our march toward freedom. Impeachment of the memory appears unnecessary for the moment, but perhaps it is sticking knives in the back of Atom’s knees when I it sees me looking in another direction.

Suffice to say, it is not inconceivable the memory is faulty and the cause of the Atom bombs. No other apps are misbehaving. If that changes I will let you know.

I am a Ubuntu user, Windows 10 dormant unused, and I last used Mac before the millenium. But I looked at the logs as an exercise in staying abreast in troubleshooting logic. In Ubuntu I use a log parser petit to analyse word frequency (no references to ERROR or WARNING found} but I don’t know if this parser works in Mac. Perhaps there is an equivalent parser for Mac.

Just eyeballing your dumps I did see this common line …

Power Source: 0 samples on Battery, 8 samples on AC

Have you tested in battery only mode since you might have a power issue? Other thoughts would be to launch Atom in atom --safe mode to watch for crashes.

Would crashreporter help?

Your experience with memory is another clue I would explore. You have switched memory modules but perhaps try one at a time for a period. I have experienced dirty edge connectors so a process of elimination - Sherlock Holmes style - sometimes helps.

Thank you for responding.

So far, the main thing I have done since posting was to look at the bomb reports. It was just a quick look, but I spotted excessive wakeups.

Command:          Atom
Path:             /Volumes/air_force/Applications/
Identifier:       com.github.atom
Version:          1.40.1 (1.40.1)
PID:              1212

Event:            wakeups
Action taken:     none
Wakeups:          45001 wakeups over the last 290.329032258064516 seconds (155 wakeups per second average), exceeding limit of 150 wakeups per second over 300 seconds

Wakeups limit:    45000

Comment posted at Apple:

> I am very pleased the system is so efficient it can wing-off 155 wakeups per second for nearly 291 seconds, and then, taking no time for a drink or rest, it has less than 646 hundred-thousandths of a second to spot the 45,001st wakeup and STOP before the 45,002nd wakeup can try slipping by. This is FANTASTIC!

I don’t know what they are but I have seen them before. Come to think of it, I think they were a symptom when my macbook pro was dying a slow death from overheating, so it was hardware related. Adds suspicion to the was-dead memory module.

I don’t think I have seen solutions to the wakeups problems where I have seen others report it. My hypothesis is excessive wakes point to problem between the hardware and binary software objects, not reachable for fixing without 2nd tier tech support. Not sure though

I will give safe mode a try at some point, or maybe just try running without the suspect memory module. The problem was present when that memory was reporting dead. I was thinking if it is dead it will have no warbly effects, but I will try it removed to see if there is a difference.

Checking the Battery

I am not sure. I thought the battery data is relevant to mobile devices. My machine doesn’t run on internal battery.



Solution reported: install this package: ** Atom menu patch for macOS Catalina**

More info at:

I just installed the reported solution. Will let you know how it goes.

Wow!. There was a crowd of people all suffering tremendously,all by the same cause! The repeated crashing of Atom under certain circumstances, specifically, running onMacOS.

A fix to electron solved the problem. It was affecting other apps as well, not just Atom. Problem strictly software, not hardware. Memory function normal for months now.