Bold Text Within Editor


Hello everyone,

I’m new to Atom, and I’m looking for a way to bold and italicize font within the actual GUI. I’ve installed the markdown writer package, but the key bindings for that package are for editing the text of the document opened up by Atom, and not the text being displayed in the editor.

Line 114 is what happens when I try to italicize text using the markdown shortcut
Line 115 is for bolding

The only way I foresee support for this is if I can upload the normal, bold, and italic typeface of a certain font into Atom, and then hotkey the respective font family for each. Is there any way to accomplish this? Is there another approach that may work in achieving this result?

Any advice / insight would be appreciated.


Font styling is controlled by the CSS rules in the syntax theme. Using the language-markdown package, I can make it italicize with this rule:

.syntax--emphasis.syntax--md {
  font-style: italic;

However, your screenshot also appears to be of a file with no active grammar. You should make sure that your file is saved with .md to make sure it picks up the language.


Not sure if I’m asking the right question here,

but basically I want to have the text that I see within the actual Atom editor itself be italicized. Not the markdown document that is produced when I save it.


Yes, and if you add the CSS I gave you to styles.less while using language-markdown (instead of the default language-gfm), it will be italicized in the editor.


Got it, appreciate the help!