Boilerplate for Angular & native modules (node-ffi and node-gyp)


Hi everyone,
Lately I’ve been working on an application which utilizes Angular 2 along with some native libraries (both developed by myself and 3d party).
I found myself investing a lot of time to make everything work together, therefore I’ve created a small boilerplate to save time for next-comers.
For now it’s 100% ready for Windows (as it’s a major platform I should deliver to), and I also intend to support it on Linux and MacOS in near future.
Feel free to share your thoughts.


Fixed a couple of minor bugs, added support for Linux.
MacOS is to come.


I’m having trouble running npm install. something to do with node-gyp.

Also, it would be helpful if you included something about the usage, since I haven’t encountered a lot of the problems that you’re describing yet. Not sure why you’re importing @angular2/core instead of the normal way.

Please advise.


Lets continue this conversation on github.

Well, perhaps you’re just much better than me :slight_smile:. Here are several issues I had to deal with:

What exactly would you like see about the usage?[quote=“misterogers, post:3, topic:32059”]
Not sure why you’re importing @angular2/core instead of the normal way.

What is the normal way exactly? I’m using this because angular 2 uses scoped packages since 2.0.0-rc.0


Added support for OSX.
Fixed a couple of bugs.
General clean up.


The project has been upgraded to the latest Angular & Electron, basically rewritten from scratch.
Now it uses webpack build, supports Angular AoT and essentially sticks to best practices in web development.
There is more on track, like Spectron & CI integration.