Blurry icon on linux specific distribution


Hi there !

I’m getting trouble setting up an icon for my app. I don’t think I need to open an issue, but I’m curious if I’m alone getting this problem. (I’m getting it on Elementary OS based on Ubuntu 14.04)

Atom’s icon is perfectly fine, but mine is blurry, and I could not figure why (the file called is a 256x256 PNG).

Here’s my code:

let museeksIcon = nativeImage.createFromPath(path.join(__dirname, 'src', 'images', 'logos', 'museeks.png'));

    // Browser Window options
    let mainWindowOption = {
        title     : 'Museeks',
        icon      :  museeksIcon,
        x         :  bounds.x,
        y         :  bounds.y,
        width     :  bounds.width,
        height    :  bounds.height,
        minWidth  :  900,
        minHeight :  550,
        frame     :  false,
        show      :  false

    // Create the browser window
    mainWindow = new BrowserWindow(mainWindowOption);

Do you see any things that I’m doing wrong ?


Same goes for me as well.


Using a packager like elecron-builder fixed the thing for me, but I am still getting this when using the “classic” way.