Blank screens after 1.9.3 update - Ubuntu



I just upgraded to Atom v 1.9.3. Now, when I start up Atom and I am not able to view any view any files to edit. I get the bar menu, but none seem to work. Is there a new setting to start editing files? I have been using Atom for a long time and this is the first time I am running into this problem.

Thank you




I solved the problem.

I had to perform a factory reset and now it is working.

mv ~/.atom ~/.atom-backup

Hope this will help someone else.


I had exactly the same problem today with Atom 1.19.3 on Ubuntu 16.04. Atom completely consumed all my computer’s resources and took tens of minutes to open previously opened windows. Once an old window had been opened it seemed OK, but re-opening a previously used one resulting in Atom hanging.

After much head-scratching I resorted to running atom --clear-window-state on the command line and now it seems to be up and running again. (A word of warning, this command may result in the loss of any unsaved work!).

Anyway, it’s a less extreme option than a full factory reset.

I hope this helps someone.