Blank screen 0.8.5


I’m getting a blank screen whenever I open recently-updated atom.
I can “see” the content if I force repainting, like changing window dimension or hovering mouse over anything that changes background or font colors (like some UI components).

I can’t upload a image here, because I haven’t posted enough on the forum.
@codinghorror, is it possible for someone to define a category to “allow image upload” even when someone doesn’t have enough “trust” yet? This could be useful for support categories like this one.


Regarding the posting images thing, see my post here:


I agree that it makes sense for new users to post images here most of the time, so I went ahead and set newuser max images from 0 to 1. I hope that is ok @ProbablyCorey.

We have to use safe defaults for the broader internet, of course, but I think it’s OK here based on what I’ve seen.


@codinghorror that’s cool with me!