Blank pages after upgrade to v 1.7


Hi - I’ve just upgraded to v1.7

On re-opening Atom after updating, all of my open pages were blank and all the tabs were all labelled as ‘untitled’.

I had to close each tab and re-open them all to see my code…

Anyone else had this problem


Yup, same thing here. Also my tab switch hotkeys seem to have been reverted


Between v1.6 and v1.7 we changed workspace state serialization mechanisms. It was supposed to import the old stuff if it was there. It seems there was perhaps a bug in that code in some cases. This should be a one-time thing though.


Getting the same thing, here.

Tried closing & opening the app, got the same result.
(It’s also acting weird with the tabs; sometimes it opens everything in one tab, sometimes it creates a new tab. I should create a new tab.